Sep 19, 2009

Saturday Harvest

One of the many things we have learned since moving to Colorado Springs is that having a large yard requires a large amount of work.

Today's chore: picking (and picking up) crab apples. By the hundreds. I might have some guilt about throwing them all away. (But apparently not enough.) And it might be a week to tip the garbage man.

Garry mowed the lawn. And Gavin cowered on the porch, chanting, "lawmow scawy." He seemed truly petrified, but, sensitive Mom that I am, I thought it was hilarious and tried to capture video. Gavin has been obsessed with the scary lawnmower Hilarity has given way to fatigue. Enough already!

I ripped out the summer flowers. After a brief post-Labor-Day reprieve from their pathetic state, they were pummeled by hail this week and had to go. I think I'm glad, since they were a constant reminder of all I couldn't/didn't do this summer. Flowers be gone! We will do better next year.

Zach and Tyler played most of the day with the neighbor boy, Tyler. Those boys love to climb trees, and we have plenty!

And then I experimented with Lexi's silly hair. Even sillier than the natural Mohawk, I believe!

Tonight the kids are having CYO (choose your own) for dinner. Zach and Gavin chose macaroni and cheese. Tyler had cereal and toast. After the kids go to bed, Garry and I will get take-out and watch something on TV...the best attempt at a date we've had since....well, probably our wedding anniversary in June.

It's a Saturday to remember.
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