Sep 23, 2009

I've already tried screaming into a pillow

Before Garry and the boys left this morning, Gavin colored on himself, his clothes, and his sheets with a marker; soaked a roll of toilet paper in the sink; tripped over my foot and split his lip; and suffered poopy diaper leakage in his pajamas. That sort of set the tone for the day.

Zachary and Tyler were late for school.

I learned that the two gallons of milk I bought at Costco yesterday (with four kids in tow) sat out on the counter all night.

Gavin ran off with my shoes, one of which I still cannot find (at 6:09 p.m.).

I pinched my finger in the swing harness, which is the same finger I stabbed with a fork on Saturday and subsequently became infected.

The printer jammed when I was trying to print a photo to take to the guy cutting my hair.

I got a haircut I'm not sure I like.

Lexi bit me while nursing.

Gavin fell asleep during kindergarten pick-up, making his real nap FAR less than long enough.

Three seconds after he got in the van after school, Tyler yelled at me for not arranging a play date for him.

Having a belt holding the refrigerator closed is extremely annoying.

The thermometer hovered under 40 degrees today, but Gavin wanted to play outside. He bundled up, went outside for three seconds, then screamed to come back in. (Repeated 16 times.)

I attempted to rearrange closets (we are doing yet another room switch this weekend) and got so overwhelmed I had to quit.

I attempted to take a nap (and even said a prayer that kids would sleep longer so I could), but they were both crying within five minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

I attempted to fold and iron laundry, but Gavin kept unfolding and unplugging, so I quit.

While folding laundry, I discovered two clothing items whose awful stains I didn't catch before washing.

Gavin stepped on my open scriptures and ripped a page. He ran off with the marking crayons and two are missing.

Gavin is so scared of the vacuum he won't go downstairs.

Lexi might be cutting a tooth. (Use your imagination.)

Zach and Tyler both had games scheduled for tonight. I made sack dinners for everyone. Zach f-i-n-a-l-l-y got ready and left with Garry for the football game. Tyler's coach called and canceled the soccer game. Tyler was devastated (I was elated). Tyler screamed about eating his sack dinner at home.

So I'm done. I'm punching out. Shift over.

{This post might only be up for an hour, but I had to get it all out. I'm venting. It's been a bad day. Tomorrow has got to be better.}
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