Sep 10, 2009

Adventures in parenthood

This morning my boys embarked on a new adventure: riding bikes to school. Garry fixed up his own bike (and bought a helmet) so that he could ride to school with the boys and then on to work. There was excitement in the air as they rode away at 7:55 a.m. Tyler was especially enthused this morning because his class is taking a field trip and the outing includes a sack lunch.

After the boys left I took a shower. I checked my phone for messages when I got out; it seems someone always calls while I'm in the shower. Sure enough, I'd missed a call -- from the secretary at the boys' school. But there was no message. I was somewhat alarmed, so I called back, but I had to leave a message. Then, of course, I forgot about it.

While nursing Lexi, I watched as Gavin grabbed the open container of homemade strawberry jam from the counter and proceeded to drink the jam. He was remarkably careful with his slurping. I can't believe I didn't stop him, but I was somewhat entertained. Later, though, he started scooping the jam out with his hand. That's when his shirt got dirty, and when my line in the sand became apparent. I took off his shirt and cleaned it up and sent Gavin to fetch another. He brought a space-themed, long-sleeved pajama shirt. On it went.

While on the phone with a friend around 9:00 a.m., I ignored an incoming call. I didn't recognize the number, and I figured if the call was important the person would leave a message. The message I picked up later went something like this:

"Hi Heidi, this is Mrs. Yowell, Tyler's teacher. I wanted to make sure you knew what was going on at school today. Tyler wasn't supposed to be here until 9:00 today. Tyler was surprised you had forgotten, since he has a lunch and said you had a conversation about today's field trip. Please don't come to pick him up at the regular time, which is 11:20. Please pick him up at 1:00. Not 11:20. We have a field trip. I just wanted to make sure you understood. Bye!"

Yep, I understand. You think I have far too few brain cells to be a successful parent. You are absolutely correct. See you at 1:00! Or was it 11:20?

Post Script:

Before typing up this post, I put Gavin at the table with a cup of applesauce. He was hungry, I needed him confined to one spot, and since he insisted on wearing an apron, I felt the mess would be kept to a minimum.

Ten minutes later, this is what I found. I knew it was too quiet.

I'm especially fond of the applesauce-encrusted scissors.

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