Sep 15, 2009

Lessons from the laundry pile

OK, so I know I post about laundry too often. I seem to do it a lot. (Laundry, that is.)

But today (laundry day) I have made some decisions that feel noteworthy.

One: I will never buy Zachary a white t-shirt again. He is my messiest child! Wearing white is asking for disaster.

Two: I am done with flat sheets on little boy beds. Why fight it? The boys won't pull up the flat sheet when they "make" their beds in the morning. The sheet is crumpled in a wad at the foot of the bed, either under or on top of the comforter. Today I am washing sheets and remaking beds with fitted sheets only. (Except for my bed. As my mom would say, I have learned to be civilized in my old age.)

Three: Tyler needs new socks.

Four: I still love washing and folding pink and flowers and ruffles.

Five: Taking boys to church is not for the faint of heart. No pens will be allowed on our pew anymore. I am tired of drawings showing up on size 8 slacks and shirt sleeves. However, I am very proud of the khaki hem job I mustered a few weeks ago.

Six: Dawn dish soap is my newest, favoritest stain remover. It is especially excellent for bodily fluids. I'm so glad I have a friend with a PhD in stain removal.

Now that I have emptied my brain of such silly information, it is time to empty the washing machine. The white load is next. Exciting, no?
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