Aug 31, 2009

Life is an adventure to be enjoyed...

....and not a problem to be solved.

I am trying to remember this sage wisdom as a season of sports insanity falls upon us.

At 3:30 p.m., when the after-school taxi pulled into the garage and little boys piled out, I knew that in just 90 minutes' time we needed to have homework done, cleats on, and the van packed full of spectator necessities. Tonight was our first double-header: football at 5:00, soccer at 6:15. (We got off easy tonight, since start times were staggered and the football game was in our neighborhood. Come Wednesday, football games are 30 minutes away.)

So off we went, a gaggle of Bartles trying their best to have a good time. (The mommy was, admittedly, not particularly successful.) While Zach's team (the Bills) scrimmaged with the Colts, I passed out peanut butter sandwiches and grapes. Garry arrived and took some pictures. He got his own pb&j. My friend Andrea held the baby. I wiped noses and sticky fingers and spooned cake into Gavin's mouth. Occasionally I glanced toward the field (Hey, Zach's got the ball! Go Zach!). Andrea and I chatted a lot. (How lovely it is to have a friend on the sidelines!) Gavin made a huge mess with his water bottle and charmed me with his sunglasses. Tyler ran to the van for jackets. We all eyed the sky and hoped the wind wouldn't turn into rain.

At 6:00 Garry packed up Gavin and Tyler. Tyler put on his shin guards and cleats and Gavin traded sandals for socks and shoes. Those three headed to another local park for Tyler's soccer game. Tyler got a flashy new jersey (my, what an improvement over last year!). His team warmed up for-ev-er and delayed the starting of their game by 30 minutes. It finally began. Tyler scored a goal. A kid from our ward on the opposing team scored about 10.

Meanwhile, Zachary's scrimmage ended. He and Lexi and I went home. Zach ate dinner and, while I was out of the room, snarfed FOUR pieces of cake. He finished his homework and went to bed. I fed Lexi.

Garry and the littlest boys came home at 8:00. Tyler ate his soccer snack. Garry put Gavin to bed. Tyler put himself to bed.

And then there was rest.

Until Wednesday, that is.
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