Aug 11, 2009

Amusing photos

The other night Garry tiptoed behind me and took this picture.
I was practicing some hymn arrangements that might work as prelude
in Relief Society. {I have a new calling.}
When I asked why he wanted to document such a thing,
he explained that it was the cell phone
perched next to my music that was photo-worthy.
{I was having a text conversation in between practice runs.}

I can't explain this one, except that Gavin has found
another Mommy Button to push.
He has also started sucking his thumb. What?!?!?!

But this ensemble really made me laugh.
As soon as Gavin noticed I was going for the camera, he took off the tie.

Gavin's obsession with Lexi continues.
He loves to hold her, and has gotten rather bold.
On our trip, he lifted her up and was ready to walk off the bed with her.
I prefer a little more supervision.

And, like mother like son, Gavin is a fan of peanut butter.
I prefer to take my bites with a spoon.
I also vastly prefer crunchy (a matter of great debate in this household).

Oh, and by the way, Lexi says "Hi."

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