Aug 17, 2009

Back to school

This just in: the first day of school was awesome.

[Insert Mom's enormous sigh of relief. My only wish was that we didn't repeat last year's craziness. Check!]

Zachary and Tyler were awake and dressed before my eyelids creaked open this morning. Zach even made his own lunch. Our morning was pretty much business as usual -- spilled milk at breakfast, scripture reading interspersed with sibling rivalry, Gavin demanding "more" every five seconds -- so we even had time for photos in the front yard.

It's a good thing we had a few extra minutes, because some of the neighbor kids (who attend a different school and don't start until Wednesday) thought 7:55 a.m. was a good time to socialize. But eventually Zach and Tyler hopped into Dad's car and zoomed off for school.

Garry was kind enough to take pictures for me as Tyler got settled in his kindergarten classroom for the first time. He was comfortable right away. Garry said that many of the parents were teary-eyed, and that the teacher almost cried herself! Yikes...we aren't that way. Tyler has been excited for school for such a long time, and we were more than happy to see him embrace the adventure! Three cheers!

Ty was pretty nonchalant when I picked him up before lunch. It was as though he'd been going to kindergarten for big deal! He wanted to know what he could eat and when he could play -- and that was before getting in the van to go home. He even refused to help me make our traditional back-to-school chocolate chip cookies! (What does it say about me that his refusal to help with cookies made me more sad than sending him off to school?) I made them myself while Gavin napped, and I must say -- they are delicious.

It's pretty clear that Tyler will miss Zachary and the other neighborhood kids in the afternoons. We'll have to set up some afternoon play dates for him -- pronto! The second Zach walked in the door, he wanted to run out and play with his friends. So that's what happened! A few minutes later, Zach ran back in to stuff a cookie in his mouth...he wasn't even done chewing before he ran outside again.

It was a happy day.
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