Aug 27, 2009

Resolutions revisited

On my last five consecutive morning walks, I have been musing about my New Year's resolutions. I'm not sure why. I could only remember a few. Since the year is 2/3 done (yes, really), I decided it was a good time to check in and note my progress.

  • Play with my kids more often [working on it]
  • Maintain scripture, prayer, and FHE habits with the kids [success]
  • Continue family fun time [we did, until school started; now it's weekends only]
  • Be content with the present [trying; making progress!]
  • Write a will (and get it notarized/made official) [I have software and a notary]
  • Run in a 5K race (but shoot for a 10K) in September [um, no....not sure what to do here since I'm very far off target]
  • Lose my baby weight by the end of the year [still an attainable goal]
  • Go to sleep in my bed (rather than on the couch) [success - and SO worth it]
  • Watch less television [check!]
  • Develop better personal devotional habits [done - why did it take me 30 years?]
  • Acquire entire three-month supply of food and household items [not even close.]
  • Sanitize and fill water barrels by February 1 [check!]
  • Assemble 72-hour and emergency kits by February 1 [they've been 90% done since February 1]
  • Volunteer at Zachary's school at least once a month [hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....]
  • Publish our 2008 blog via Blurb before the baby is born [done!]
  • Find joy in my daily journey [ always]

So, there they are, for all the world (well, you) to see. I'm doing okay. This little exercise was definitely a wake-up call. I guess I had better get started (again).
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