Aug 8, 2009

Still not bored...

Wednesday morning found Zach and I atop Y mountain. We beat our time from last year by 15 minutes, but more importantly, we had a great time doing it! Zach chattered away the entire hike. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time alone with him.

The day's main outing was to the Kennecott Copper Mine in Bingham Canyon. That's one huge hole in the ground! We enjoyed getting a glimpse of what Uncle Myron did for a living in Morenci, AZ. Learning about the giant ore-hauling trucks was fascinating, and the cinnamon popcorn from the gift shop was delicious.

We also saw the newly-constructed Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Very beautiful - at least on the outside! We were too late to reserve tickets for an indoor tour with the kids (this temple has not yet been dedicated), but as it turned out, we had puking boys on our free day anyway. I was glad to see it, even if my view was from the car (I stayed there with sleeping children).

Our {second} afternoon refreshment took place at the BYU Creamery. I wanted to take home an entire bucket of Earnestly Chocolate ice cream! We took a quick trip to the BYU Bookstore but were disappointed to discover that football jerseys for the kids were so expensive. They got balls instead.

Then it was off to the park; we met a couple of Garry's childhood friends for dinner and socializing. We got fun pictures with the grandparents, too.

Here are a couple of other random moments from the day:

Double bath time with kitchen I could get ready in peace.

Obsession with the condo elevator; hold on for safety!

Transporting goods (and occasionally children) to and from the apartment via shopping cart.

Garry and I thought we might go out on a date, but it didn't work out. Sleep was a greater priority for me (how selfish!). We had hopes of some alone time Thursday, as new developments would keep us in town an extra day!
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