Aug 8, 2009

Never a dull moment

As we transitioned from Salt Lake to Provo, we anticipated less activity and more relaxation. While the second half of our trip was definitely calmer than the first, it started off with a bang, which took the form of a wheeze.

In the middle of the night it became apparent that Tyler had caught Gavin's bronchiolitis (Gavin was diagnose
d and treated in the days before our trip began) and needed medical attention. Even Tyler was alarmed at the rattle in his lungs, his barky cough, and his inability to breathe deeply. He and Garry were up almost all night, so on Tuesday morning, getting help for him was Priority One on our agenda.

After consulting our insurance company about out-of-network charges, I took Tyler to the family practice we used when we lived in Provo back in the day. While we saw a nurse practitioner for Tyler's medical needs (bronchiolitis confirmed; steroid prescribed), I did chat with our former doctor in the hall for a few minutes. Dr. Berry was a key player in our journey through infertility, and then was my OB when I was pregnant with Zach.

Dr. Berry holding Zach, minutes after he missed the delivery (October 19, 2001).

Dr. Berry holds a special place in my heart, so it was very fun to see him -- and I was flattered that he remembered me! Our family has come a long way since our last meeting in December 2001.

While Ty, Lexi, and I were at the doctor's office, everyone else went to BYU campus, where Grandpa Bartle works. The kids went on morning rounds with Duane, greeting co-workers and collecting BYU goodies along the way. They also toured the Hinckley Building. Later we all met for lunch at Denny's, but split up again for the afternoon. Garry slept in the condo with the Littles; Grandma Great and I went to the Provo Temple; and Aunt Heidi and Grandma took Zachary and Tyler to a ceramics shop where they painted piggy banks and cereal bowls. I felt very blessed to enjoy time in the temple with such a young baby. What a treat!

The day was far from over. For dinner we drove up Provo Canyon for a picnic and S'mores. Because our picnic area was so close to the Provo River, Gavin spent the whole time like this:

The boys got nice and dirty, the treats were yummy, and we only had to send one boy into the woods for a potty emergency. Good times!

Of course, throughout the day, there were sweet moments with the new pink thing in our lives. A niece and granddaughter is fun for everyone, especially when she's the first of her kind in the family.

And busy Gavin had to have an occupation at all times. He really loved these stadium chairs...folding them, unfolding them, putting them away, getting them out, sitting in them, standing on them, letting Russell join the fun...we really loved those stadium chairs for all the entertainment they provided!

Once children were sleeping, Aunt Heidi's Hair Salon opened for business. Heidi cut and colored my hair, Becky's hair, and even Garry's hair. That's right -- Garry is sporting highlights for the first time in his life. Pretty fun (slash funny)!

That was the first of three very late nights, but sleep deprivation seemed like a good trade for the company!
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