Aug 28, 2009

Voice lessons

Miss Alexis has discovered her voice. And her hands. And the fact that she can spin around in a circle on her back. (Lexi reminds me so much of Zachary at this age, but that's another blog post.) I really love hearing her talk -- especially when her vocalizations are an obvious response to my presence.

Today I grabbed the camera when Lexi's cute cooing started. I captured some fun video, which also includes the background noise Tyler made while dishing himself a piece of cake.

Gavin's bedtime routine is nearly always administered by Daddy, and he always sings "Old MacDonald" with a menagerie of animals. As a result, Gavin knows lots of animal sounds. I was thrilled to get footage of his barnyard performance, but it's kind of quiet. Turn up your sound for the best effect!

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