Aug 12, 2009

Be wise: sanitize

This afternoon a wave of fatigue hit me so hard I thought I could ride it all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. So, as I am prone to do when I get sleepy, I got in bed. I got all the way in bed...curled in a ball, head on the pillow, covers over my ears...ahhhhhh. The promise of sleep was delicious.

The only problem was that all four of my children were awake, and, being the Mom, I was technically in charge.

The biggest two children were losing brain cells in front of the TV. The littlest one was kicking and cooing on the bed beside me. And the middle-sized one, the one who wreaks havoc even under the closest supervision, was running amok. I knew this. I just didn't care. The fatigue had won, and I just didn't care.

That's what I told myself, anyway, until I heard toilet water swishing around. That is never a good sound. I leaped out of bed, wondering what object had found its way into the water this time. A toothbrush? A toy? A watch? A shoe? It could have been any number of things, really, but a veritable cornucopia of household items
(rather than sugar plums, had I been sleeping) were dancing through my head as I dashed for the master bathroom six feet away.

It turns out that Gavin was swishing my hair brush in the toilet.

Remember when I found him wiping my windows a few weeks back? That moment flashed through my mind, too. Maybe he was trying to be helpful and scrub the ring out of the toilet bowl (heaven knows it needs to be done). A fat round brush does bear a remarkable resemblance to a legitimate scrubbing tool, after all. Perhaps his intentions were pure.

And then the ick factor took over, and I almost hurled.

With two babies in my life (and let's be honest, two older boys), I deal with a lot of poop. Do I really have to brush poopy germs through my hair, too? I think not. My immediate reaction was to throw the brush away....far, far away, never to return.

But then I realized that if I threw the brush away, I would have to buy a new one, and that would necessitate taking my four children to the beauty supply shop.

I think not.

My dishwasher has a sanitary button, and that will have to be good enough.

Thanks for the suggestion, Melanie. I wonder how many other things in my life could use the sanitary cycle...
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