Jul 27, 2009


At 5:00 the boys came inside after a few hours of playing with their friends. I reminded them that they needed to finish their daily chores. Since they knew they got off easy this morning by getting to play before finishing their work, they didn't need much prodding.

The last item on Zach's list was his act of service. He asked for a suggestion. I told him he could make dinner for me.

"Okay!" he exclaimed. "What can I make?!" I laughed and told him I'd do it, but he was so eager. He thought maybe burritos would be good, but ultimately decided on peanut butter sandwiches. I loved watching Zach lay out the bread, assembly-line style, and then get to work. Under my direction (I was nursing) he also made fruit smoothies. What a feast we will have! I'm excited!

This reminded me of a moment earlier today, when Gavin raided the hall closet. I was nursing Lexi on the couch and was about to get after him for grabbing the Windex...but he also grabbed a rag! The sweet boy sprayed and wiped the window for ten minutes. Could I really complain?

I am especially fond of Gavin's outfit, aren't you? He was fully dressed at one point.
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