Jul 30, 2009

Coping....I mean, camping

Since January, I have been fretting about being in charge of the ward camp-out.

Since April, I have been full-out worrying.

Since June, I have been growing an ulcer.

Since July, I have been hyperventilating.

{Note: This is not a good way to live.}

And now I am here to say that worrying, in all its stress-inducing forms, is highly overrated. Things have a way of working out.

The annual ward camp-out, held last weekend at the B-52 campground on the Air Force Academy Base, was great. The best parts? I wasn't in charge, and I didn't camp.

This is an odd combo for the ward activities director, right? Well, the bishopric had compassion for my poor nerves, and for my life with two babies. I created the advertising...

...and they did the rest, along with the fabulous Dale (the token member of my committee who was available - he also happens to be a retired gourmet chef).

Thanks to their efforts, the camp-out included a delectable feast of barbecue ribs and Dutch oven potatoes, pot-luck side dishes and desserts, and campfire singing. Children ran about, playing with rocks and dirt and exploring the trails. Adults visited. And a handful of families camped overnight.

My little family enjoyed the evening festivities, and then Garry shared a tent with Zachary and Tyler while I took the Littles home to sleep. What a glorious arrangement! When the guys got home Saturday morning, Garry was exhausted and the boys gave a rave review. Apparently the ward camp-out was what everyone expected this year!

Here are a few photos from Friday night, courtesy of the lovely Adri, who didn't know she'd have an assignment from the activities committee when she showed up. Thanks, friend!

Rocks and dirt and sticks seemed to provide lots of entertainment for these kids.

Girls have to stick together.

This girl likes to stick to me.

I am definitely a fan of these girls - and everyone who came to the camp-out!

Hearing our Bishop and Brother Bair sing "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash
was truly a highlight of the evening!

After exhausting her camp song repertoire, Sister Jack took requests.
I suggested Old MacDonald, which is Gavin's favorite. It was a hit.
After that the Bishop asked if anyone had a scary story to share.
I offered to tell about my day (similar to this one), but people just laughed -- no one wanted to hear it!

I think Brother Bair had the right idea at the end of the day!

Thanks to all who made the camp-out a success. It wouldn't have happened without you!
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