Jul 1, 2009


The lack of recent blogging in no way reflects the level of activity around here.
I'm just lazy/otherwise occupied.

So here are some snapshots of a few things from the last week.

Exhibit A: Saturday night.
We planned to visit the park on this night, complete with a picnic, bikes,
and a water balloon launcher. The outing was delayed because of Garry's
weekend work commitments, and when we finally got the van loaded,
storm clouds were rolling in. We still got our dinner at Subway, but ate it
at the kitchen table. But before we ate, Garry and the boys launched
a few balloons into the cul-de-sac.

Exhibit B: A sneaky photographer.
I enjoy singing with our ward choir, partly because it's just fun, and partly because
I've been a choir director before and made a solemn vow to support choir directors forever more. Our choir practices are held 45 minutes before church, which poses some challenges getting our kids ready. My compromise with Garry is that I take Lexi and one of the big boys with me, so he is only responsible for two kids during the pre-church rush. This arrangement has served us well. Last Sunday, however, as Zachary sat in the pew, he rifled through my purse and found my little camera. He took these pictures as evidence of his crime.

Exhibit C: Wind chimes.
When my family was here for Lexi's blessing a few weeks ago, the weather
was pretty nice...except for the wind. It was kind of annoying (when isn't wind annoying?). But my dad had a great idea that has made the wind
a happy thing: wind chimes. He bought these for us as a fun surprise,
and I love them! Thanks, Dad!

Exhibit D: T-ball
These photos represent our family's life four nights out of every week. Tyler plays
on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Zachary and Garry play on Tuesdays and
Thursdays. I don't always attend with the babies, but I try to go most nights.
I'm always glad when games are at Wedgewood Park, where the playground is super close to the ball field. I'm also glad when Gavin and Lexi are happy,
which was not the case last night.

It's not uncommon for me to enjoy a little texting with my friend Melanie during ball games. It is a highly entertaining pastime.

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