Jul 19, 2009


There is nothing sweeter or more peaceful than a sleeping child. Especially this sleeping child, on his first night in a big boy bed.

Gavin took this step far sooner than I was ready for it. He's just 19 months old, after all. We bought a second crib for Lexi because I was not ready for him to vacate his. I labored for hours over the perfect crib blanket. I had a plan. But in the end, as is usually the case, my plan was overridden by a tenacious little boy who had a grander vision. Without any fanfare or drama, Gavin spent the night in the twin bed next to his crib, just like he'd done it for years.

So on Friday, the day when Zachary and Tyler very nearly killed each other, the day they spent untold hours bickering over whose job it was to clean their shared bedroom, I formulated a new plan. Garry agreed with this new plan, and by mid-day Saturday, the plan had been implemented.

Gavin the Cribless now resides downstairs with Tyler. The bunk beds that used to sleep the biggest boys are now side-by-side twin beds (Gavin occupies the one with side rails). Zachary moved upstairs to sleep in the twin bed, and the crib (sniff, sniff) now lives in the attic.

These changes are momentous. My youngest but one is growing up too fast. He's doing things I'm not ready for him to do, and wanting things I'm not ready for him to want. He is communicating his needs and desires...and we are listening...but fulfilling his wishes doesn't make the process any easier!

The nap times and bed times since Thursday evening have hardly been drama-free. It will probably take a while for things to settle down again. But when they do, we'll have a "new normal" on our hands, which is just what Gavin intended.
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