Jul 11, 2009

Daddy Day

Garry is leaving on a five-day business trip to North Carolina in the morning. We are not accustomed to his absence. This afternoon we decided a fun family activity was in order, and Daddy planned the whole thing.

The boys (Dad included) got dressed in their swim gear and splashed in the water fountains in front of the movie theater. Watching the boys romp and splash was delightful. This was Gavin's first experience with such a thing, and he seemed to have more fun than anyone.

I was the designated photographer, baby watcher, and pizza orderer. I fulfilled my roles with exactness and honor. And when I got hot, I got my feet wet.

When the afternoon storm clouds brought a chill to the wet boys, we packed up and went home, stopping for ice cream on the way. Good times for all! Having so much fun with Daddy will only make us miss him more, but we're definitely glad for the good memories! Come back soon, Daddy-o!
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