Jun 20, 2009

Having fun in spite of themselves

Yesterday the kids and I drove to the Air Force Academy to scope out the B-52 Campground, which is the venue for the ward camp-out in July. (Yep, I'm in charge. Heaven help me!) Although the site has been reserved since February, I had never laid eyes on it, and I didn't want the day of the event to be the first time. Plus I needed to add driving directions to a flier. So I packed up the kids and off we went.

Zachary and Tyler had other plans for their day and were oh-so-grumpy about this little excursion. They could not believe how mean I was for ruining a perfectly good summer morning. Bah, humbug!

Amazingly, when we arrived, the boys changed their tune. They thought driving on dirt roads was pretty cool. And so were the wildflowers and tall trees. They wanted to run and climb and use the port-a-potties. [Ick.]

But the best part of the outing was stopping to see the B-52 airplane for which the campground is named.

After a teeny tiny history lesson about this incredible aircraft (see below)...

... the boys got in the requisite running and climbing.

Lexi was there, too.

And so was this truck, which, for some reason, stole the show.

We know how to have a good time.
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