Jul 2, 2009


Tyler is our resident funny man. He keeps us laughing with his deep thinking and quirky comments. Some gems from recent history include:

"When I smile, my nose holes get bigger."

"Dear Heavenly Father, please help me not to be lazy at my t-ball game."

"I want to be a superhero with magical powers and one wish. I would wish for a four-wheeler. A blue one."

"The thunder leaked through FOUR windows! Did you hear it?"

There are less delightful times with Tyler, who is one of three boys in this house who knows how to throw a ginormous fit. We're talking balled fists, red face, bug eyes, piercing screams, stomping feet....they provide lots of audio-visual entertainment. They also generate consequences, one of which is below. Tyler labors for hours over these babies, mostly because he cries for two hours and then writes for 20 minutes. Today he cut it out when he was done, just for kicks. I think I'll save this one in his file.

A couple times a week the boys write in their journals. A few of Tyler's recent entries are hilarious! I highly recommend clicking on the pictures to enlarge for detail, but I will translate:

June 24
When I go on waks I see tres. I see gras. I also see thes big green shockeng boxi's that look werd. [Then, the text that points to the drawing, letters written completely backwards, from right to left:] This is me in a cat in the hat soot.

This is Tyler's perspective on Zachary's injury last week:

June 26
We went to Wegewood. And Zach climb up a wood wall. And fel oof and scrapt his foot. And now he has a huog pees of skin ripd of. This hapind on Wendsday.

I am giggling just writing about Tyler's writing. I love this kid!
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