Jul 27, 2009

For Emily

Tonight I got the best blog comment ever from my cousin:

>>>I have to admit, I'm always disappointed when I don't see a new post
from you every day. I remind myself that I need to cut you a wee bit of
slack (ya know, with the whole being-a-mom-to-4-kids-thing), but I quite
enjoy your blog!<<<

Here's a picture that demonstrates why blogging isn't as prominent a feature in my life as it was in the past:

{Something very similar is happening at this very moment,
and usually, three loud and crazy boys are circling
the island like so many hungry sharks.}

I actually really like this picture. It speaks volumes about my life.

{Here's the Cliff's Notes version}
  • I recently moved the laptop into the kitchen, even though we have a room downstairs dedicated for office-type stuff. A wireless network allows for kitchen internet access, and I like being able to do computer stuff where all the family action is. I never go into the office any more. I would like to move all of that equipment to an upstairs bedroom, but that sounds like too much work.
  • Lexi is often nursed, burped, swaddled, and consoled in front of the computer. This probably makes me a bad mother, but I am also a more sane mother than I otherwise would be. Right now, the computer is my link/lifeline to the outside world. E-mail = gold. (Hint, hint.)
  • I am wearing my very favorite pajamas. You can't see the pants, but they have pink and white stripes and are the most comfortable things in the world. Comfort is a key ingredient of postpartum frump.
  • I spend too much time on Facebook. Why? I don't know. I am well aware that I should be doing more productive things. In this picture I am instant messaging with my mother. IM is one of Facebook's best features, IMHO.
  • In an effort to reduce our astronomical water bill, we cut back on how often we water the lawn. It is suffering. Boo.
  • In the background, I see a satellite receiver, power tools, Windex, a baby monitor, a digital clock, and an empty apple juice bottle. They are remnants of a broken television, an outside fence fix, a car-washing project, a boy who moved into a big boy bed, a recent room swap, and the ward camp-out. Busy life + distracted Mom = clutter.
  • I also see my cute drapes hanging next to the dishwasher. The picture isn't too clear, but they are adorable, and very much what I envisioned before I made them. I love the color and dimension they add to this room. And yet they are far from perfect. The lower portion of that particular drape is hopelessly crooked and it bothers me every single time I look at it. Perhaps there will be a season of my life when I am capable of fixing it, but this is not that season! I also hope to one day fashion a drape of similar makeup for the naked window in the room. I made two out of three window coverings before running out of steam.
  • The happy yellow paint, however, makes me smile every single day...without fail. Love it! I have one awesome husband for doing all that painting for me.
Aside from the time and baby factors, one reason I'm not blogging as much (although I do blog a very respectable amount, if you ask me) is that I just don't have as much to say! But it's nice to know that at least one reader has missed me. :)
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