Jul 2, 2009

Gavin & Lexi

They're known as "the babies," or "the Littles," but Gavin and Lexi definitely take the largest slice of the pie when it comes to energy, effort, and involvement! Here is an update on their corner of the world.

Lexi Lou is growing. Though she is still dainty, I've definitely noticed that her legs and tummy are plumping up a bit, and she is getting too long for her tiniest clothes. Lexi is almost seven weeks old, and she's giving us some very fun smiles and occasionally a little coo. What a delight! We love every tiny part of this little girl, including toes that poke out of blankets.

Lexi is not a huge fan of her car seat (especially at the grocery store, as seen below). She absolutely hates dirty diapers. Other than those things, Lexi is really a content, happy baby. This has been her fussiest week to date, but I still can't complain about her temperament at all. I'm finding that holding my baby is a whole lot more fun than getting things done, anyway! Lexi loves to be swaddled, and to have a blanket touching her face, especially when she is sad. The cocoon seems very calming!

Gavin is extremely busy, as always. Just today he tipped his booster chair (while strapped into it) backward onto the ground; spilled milk all over my bed; and escaped out the front door and into the neighbor's back yard. A mess on the floor like the one pictured below happens at least once a day, whether I am sitting next to him or not. I spend half my life cleaning the floor.

Gavin's latest interest is his little sister. He wants to hold her, take her places, bring her things, wrap her up, soothe her cries, make her laugh. Will his affection last? I sure hope so! I get glimpses of those two kiddos being great friends.

Gavin also has some fun words:
Lelli = Lexi
ho = hold (with arms outstretched, palms up -- he wants to hold Lexi)
mow saw = more song (at bedtime)
ticky = sticky
kinky = stinky
poppy = potty (he wants to use it)
ah-sah = outside

Gavin has an obsession with dressing up. He is especially fond of shoes, hats, and belts. His bedtime loveys also remain: the pillow, the blanket, and Russell the bear. Gavin is going through a phase where bedtime is harder. We have found that a "farewell tour," in which he is allowed to say "nigh-nigh" to everyone in the family, significantly reduces the bedtime drama. But he is also learning some stalling tactics -- "more song" and "drink" are frequent requests!

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