Apr 3, 2011

Naming the baby

Back in January, when we told the kids we were expecting a baby, our dinnertime conversation revolved around possible names for their newest sibling. It was an entertaining exchange. The boys all thought they would get another brother (odds are in their favor!), so they threw out names like Zeke, Dude (two votes), Duke, and Butthead. I kept a list for both girl and boy names on the fridge and the kids have been adding to it occasionally.

This morning we asked for their input on girl names since we know a sister is on the way. I'm not sure what we expected, but the conversation wasn't very fruitful. We added eight names to the existing list this morning, but most of the additions are ridiculous. Garry still favors Shiloh and I prefer Sarah. Zach is adamant that the baby's name will be Sister or Lexi II, Gavin wants Tasha (from The Backyardigans show), and Tyler is pushing Random Citizen. I don't think Lexi has an opinion, but if she does, she's keeping her choice a secret for now.

Hopefully we can make a selection in the next few months without the Normal Mormon Husband.
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