Apr 16, 2011

23 months

I don't have to look at the calendar to know that Lexi will be two in a month.  A brief rundown of daily life with her offers ample reminders of her age.

Lately she has done things like:
  • Stand ankle-deep IN the toilet
  • Cover herself with lotion
  • Draw on her hands and feet with red marker
  • Raid the chocolate chips
  • Unroll the toilet paper to the core
  • Undress six times a day
  • Want to help with everything, including scriptures and prayers
  • Chant "I do it myself."  "Yexi do it."  "Me!  Me!"  "I do it!"
  • Throw epic tantrums
  • Climb here, there, and everywhere with the help of a chair
This is all very normal two-year-old behavior, right?  She has started doing decidedly girlish things, as well, such as:
  • Dress up in hats, necklaces, and bracelets
  • Parade around in other people's shoes
  • Sing "Rock-a-bye Baby" to her dollies in the cradle
  • Feed the dollies in the high chair
  • Sing the ABC song and other fun tunes in the car
In some ways it is hard to believe that Lexi's second birthday is approaching...but in others, not so much.
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