Apr 9, 2011

Artistic renderings

The other week when I went to Michael's (night of the ill-fated take-out trip), I picked up picture frames so I could hang my boys' artwork on a wall.  This plan has been percolating in my brain for, oh, a year.  I'm very happy to have the art properly displayed above Tyler's bed, as seen below.  Tyler created the three left-most drawings, while Zachary created the two on the right.  (You can click the picture below to enlarge it.)

Tyler loves to draw and paint (any suggestions for summer art classes?) and is currently filling a sketch pad with animals.  Here are a few samples of recent school work, as well.

During the school year's third term, Zach worked on a special report on the cane toad.  At parent/teacher conferences we finally got to see his work, which included this drawing:

Lexi also loves to color.  She produced this picture during General Conference:

And this one while I was in the shower one day.

Not to be outdone, Gavin creates his own artwork.  I think his productions are a bit more abstract.

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