Apr 18, 2011

On my list

I have a lengthy list of silly projects that I feel the urge to complete.  Most are not important, but that doesn't stop them from teasing my brain.

Name letters: Tyler {started}
Name letters: Gavin {started}
Tutu: Lexi
Tutu: Baby Girl
Give tulle back to Adri
Hem skirt
Cut out squares for baby quilt; determine need for more fabric
Memory book: Lexi
Memory book: Tyler
2011 Blog book – start!
Robot puzzle {check}
Mail Women’s Conference stuff {check}
Finish (or abandon) Women’s Conference slides
Update photos on blog sidebar {check}
Melanie’s pictures
Call re: online return
Call re: stroller part
Call re: hospital bill
Order replacement refrigerator part online
Fix Easter FHE lesson {check}
Get stuff ready for Easter baskets
Work on Scout requirements with Zach
Wrap Lexi’s birthday gifts
Organize things on new office and garage shelves
File miscellaneous paperwork

When do I have time for any of this?  And why exactly do I think it's important, anyway?
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