Apr 24, 2011

"I have brothers."

Nothing says, "I have brothers" like a camo bandage on the forehead.
You can have three guesses to determine the culprit,
but I bet you only need one.

Gavin and Lexi were playing with the little basketball hoop
that we drag into the front yard when the big boys are playing basketball.
Gavin can make baskets on his own,
but Lexi wanted a boost so she could drop the ball in the hoop.
I had been watching the Littles play from a lawn chair,
and before I could stand up to help Lexi,
Gavin took matters into his own hands.
He hooked his left elbow between her legs and his right elbow under her right arm.
Lexi held a basketball in her hands and reached up to make the basket,
but before Gavin lifted her up enough,
they both tipped over.
Lexi got some road rash on her forehead and her right arm.
Gavin wasn't hurt, but he was sad about hurting his sister (bonus!).

And wouldn't you know it,
this all happened two days before Easter pictures.
Oh, well.

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