Apr 19, 2011

Gavin says...

Gavin said the cutest things yesterday!  Some were sweet/tender, some were inappropriate, and some were downright hilarious.  This boy keeps us laughing.

"Mommy, we're going to be breast friends forever."

"When I get bigger I'm going to go to school, and then I'm going on a mission after I go to school."

"I am going to the temple to get married when I get big."

"Lexi's bum is tiny, my bum is regular, and Mom, your bum is GIANT."

"The letters on my wall are G, I,, I'll just have to show you downstairs."

"Dear Heavenly Father, bless Jesus Christ in the volcanoes to help us discover ourselves."  (To complete the mental picture, add the fact that he said the prayer while jumping on a trampoline.  His arms were folded.)


Right now Gavin is parading around the front yard in a yellow Transformers costume, Batman mask, snow boots, and a winter coat.  He has an umbrella in one hand and a basketball in another.  What a character.

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