Apr 13, 2011

When the kids do the dishes

I was on my way to bed tonight (at 7:05 p.m.) and stopped in the kitchen to get a drink of water.  Standing by the fridge, I noticed that the dishwasher was leaking.  Actually, it was foaming.  I mentioned this oddity to Garry, who opened the dishwasher and found this.


Garry fetched him from his bedroom.  Once confronted with the foaming dishwasher, Zach said that while finishing up his dish duties, he squirted Dawn in the bottom of the dishwasher "because the dishes were super dirty."  Well, this is what came of his little science experiment.

Of course Zach was tasked with clean-up.  First he tried fishing out the suds with a bowl, then with his hands, and then with a bathroom towel.  Eventually he got the whole mess cleaned up and Garry helped him re-load the dishwasher.  I was giggling and snapping pictures the whole time.


Earlier today I was trying to figure out something interesting to blog about.  Sometimes material just presents itself.
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