Feb 28, 2010

Oneofeach, Volume II

Remember when I last posted one picture of each kid for no apparent reason?

It's that time again.

Gavin is a goofball. He has taken to wearing his sister's clothing and playing with her toys/crib/car seat. What's even more funny is a look at Gavin in the same position just under two years ago. Ironically, I purchased the play center as a containment device for a baby while I was packing to move to Colorado. While we aren't packing yet, I am keenly aware of the similarities between my current life and the one I led two years ago!

Garry and Tyler attended our elementary school's annual teachers vs. parents basketball game on Friday night. (Sadly, Zachary's behavior precluded his attendance.) Tyler had a great time on his date with Dad, which ended with ice cream cones at Good Times. Yum!

Zachary has loved watching the Olympics. Today he enjoyed the overtime portion of the men's gold medal hockey game between the United States and Canada, as well as the men's snowboarding competition (recorded earlier this week). If you haven't read Zach's essay on the winter Olympics, you're missing out!

And finally, Lexi (or Alexis Paiges, as Gavin now calls her) is sporting a new 'do today. The rubber bands matched her dress, but I forgot to take a picture before she "dressed down" after church. So many friends commented on her cute hairstyle and wondered how I got her to hold still. I told everyone that I hoped Lexi would get used to primping, because I'm really enjoying having a little girl!
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