Feb 10, 2010

First grade, where art thou?

Today, Miss Lexi took a good morning nap. She went down just before 9:30 and slept and slept. Teething and earaches and crawling and standing have just ruined her sleep patterns, so I was completely thrilled for some daytime rest for that girl!

But as 11:00 approached, I started to worry. I could see that her nap would encroach on kindergarten pick-up time, so I started calling friends, hoping to find a ride home for Tyler.

I was not successful.

So at 11:15, five minutes before school ended, I woke the sleeping babe.

At 11:25, when Tyler climbed into the car, Lexi was wide awake and Gavin was asleep.

Gavin survived the transfer to bed but woke up after an hour because he was hungry for lunch. It's days like today when I need a backyard jungle so I can climb to the top of a tree and scream my lungs out.

I am not a fan of half-day kindergarten.
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