Feb 16, 2010

Lexi Lou

Lexi is nine months old today. Wow! She has officially been outside my body as long as she was inside. I can't decide which time period felt longer.

We followed tradition and took some pictures with her little bunny. I put pigtails in her hair for the first time today. I never could understand why other moms would go for the insect look on their darling children, but I now realize that playing with baby girl hair is hard to resist! I'm glad that Lexi has a little bit to work with, and that she's reasonably tolerant of my inexperience. So, silly or not, Lexi will likely have many pigtails in her lifetime.

Lexi is a fast-n-furious crawler and likes to stand up to whatever she can. She is definitely a girl on the move! I am pleased with her progress, but also quite happy that she won't be walking in two weeks like all of her brothers did! I hope she waits a while...

Lexi also adores nursing, and despite my efforts to begin the weaning process, she steadfastly refuses to give up a milky meal. She nurses every three hours around the clock. Just this week she has offered 6-8-hour stretches at night again (remember, she did sleep through the night from about 9-20 weeks old), which has restored a bit of my sanity. Lexi gave up the binky before Christmas and won't take a bottle anymore. Her message rings loud and clear: "Mommy, I want YOU and only you. I won't settle for anything less. Please treasure my infancy and don't make me grow up too fast." I'm finally listening.

Lexi is working on her first four top teeth, and her middle two on the bottom seem fully grown in. The teething process has been rough (with an ear infection and bronchiolitis thrown in), but with steady doses of painkillers, she is a much happier girl.

Lexi does an adorable twist-and-shake dance move that cracks me up. I have yet to get it on video, so I will attempt a description. She can rotate her abdomen without moving her head or her legs, and she can rotate her hips (thus swinging her legs) while holding her upper body still. The result is this crazy wiggly maneuver that appears when she is happy, excited, or really trying to get out of a diaper change.

Lexi has figured out how to remove her socks. She hates shoes. And because we are (apparently) cold freaks around here (with a winter thermostat set at 65), Lexi's feet are always cold. I decided the other day that I just need to invest in tights -- lots of them. She can't pull them off her feet, and the extra layer on her legs will add to her warmth. This won't be a great solution in the Arizona summer, but hey, the cold won't be an issue then!

Lexi babbles a lot -- much more than her brothers did at this stage. (I know I'm terrible to compare so much, but I can hardly help myself!) She says "mama," which I find completely charming. I know she doesn't attach that word to me yet, but I love it anyway!

When I downloaded this picture of Lexi, it immediately reminded me of one of my baby pictures. The resemblance between us isn't as strong as I had remembered (plus I was about six months older when this picture was taken), but I do think that Lexi inherited some of my features. The expression and pose is pretty similar, too!

I also adore this photo of Lexi and Gavin together. He is always a part of our monthly photo shoots, but I never post the Lexi-Gavin pictures. This one was too cute to resist. Lexi lights up when Gavin is in the room. Even though he frequently picks her up by the head, she adores him. They have such a great time splashing and laughing in the tub together. They are destined to be great friends.

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