Feb 13, 2010

He's our Lego maniac

OK, not really. But Tyler did have an awesome Lego party today.
Here's a recap -- of course, with pictures.

We set the stage with simple colors and decor:

And then nine boys showed up.
The first activity: coloring Lego pictures and playing with Legos.

Then, everyone guessed how many Legos were in the half-pint jar. (Answer: 29.)

Next, we played pin-the-party-hat-on-the-Lego-man, had a tower-building contest, sorted Legos by color, ran through a relay, and played another game where kids dropped Legos from their chins into drinking glasses. Tons of fun!

And there were presents, of course.

We sang to the birthday boy and he blew out the candles.
By the way, Tyler is responsible for the colorful cake --
he wasn't content with a monochromatic brick.

Good times were had by all!

Happy birthday, Tyler!
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