May 25, 2008

Our status

Since many people seem to be curious about our moving progress, I thought I would provide an update.

Packing is going well. Dishes and foodstuffs -- other than those we'll eat in the next few days -- are packed. Closets are empty. Clothing that isn't boxed up will end up in suitcases. Even our home office with all its electronic paraphernalia is nearly packed up. I am hoping that this level of preparedness will allow us to (somewhat) enjoy our last few days here.

Cleaning efforts have begun. Yesterday I cleaned out the fridge and the boys tackled the bathrooms with Garry. A friend wiped out kitchen cabinets when she watched the boys Wednesday night. I have helpers lined up for the final cleaning efforts later this week.

The moving truck is coming Thursday morning. We've hired United to load and drive the truck. Delivery in Colorado will happen sometime between June 7 and June 9. Garry's sister is flying in to Portland this Tuesday. She'll help out for a couple of days, then drive our Accord down to Colorado Springs. She has also offered to paint a few bedrooms while she's there! My mom and youngest sister will fly into Colorado Springs and help us get settled for a week starting June 7.

We are still trying to sell one of our office desks, our dining set, and our living room speakers, since none will work in the new house (bummer!). We did sell one desk Friday and are glad for that. Garry and I also enjoyed a "date" to IKEA on Wednesday and found the perfect office desk for our new place.

Although it's a silly time to be acquiring things, I also bought a used exersaucer for Gavin. He has grown out of his bouncy chair and doesn't like the swing much anymore. He's on the cusp of being very mobile, and yet he can't sit up consistently on his own. Anyway, Gavin and I are both thrilled with this $20 investment. It's just perfect for his developmental stage.

We've had a lot of "lasts" this week. Last piano lessons, last grocery shopping trip, last visit to the library, last time picking up Isabel, last run with a good friend, last time cooking (we'll subsist on sandwiches and leftovers for a few days). We have also started saying good-bye. When our neighbor's daughter (fun friend and babysitter) knocked on our door yesterday for a final hug, my heart broke a little. It's feeling rather fragile these days.

Last night some of our good friends gathered at the Lyman's house for what was advertised as the Bartle Bash. It was fun to visit with a few of the wonderful people we have grown to love during our years here. The weather, which has been lame most of the week, was absolutely gorgeous for the evening and the kids enjoyed romping in the backyard for a couple of hours while the adults talked. I was grateful that one friend offered to take pictures all night. I'm sure I'll treasure those photos. Here's one I took of Tyler and Isaac.

Before the party last night, I collected our Sunday clothes for ironing. I then discovered that Zachary's church pants were missing. I searched high and low, in boxes and laundry hampers -- nothing. Although I was completely aggravated to do so, I made a late-night trip to Kohl's and bought him some new pants. I was happy about the Memorial Day sale, at least.

This morning a member of the bishopric released me from my callings at church. A year ago I never would have dreamed that I'd miss leading the Primary music, but I will. And accompanying the choir was definitely entertaining. I will miss the silly banter that went on during our Sunday evening practices! It will be interesting to see where Garry and I end up serving in our next ward.

While I had my interview at the church (I was gone less than ten minutes), Zachary jumped on a plastic toy case that shattered and sliced the bottom of his foot. The cut didn't bleed a lot, but it is deep and we are fairly certain Zach will need stitches. So Garry took Zach and Ty to the urgent care clinic to deal with it. I knew I couldn't handle the situation; I'm so glad that Garry, my rock, was willing to go. Stay tuned for an update on Zach's foot. For now I'm signing off!
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