Feb 18, 2010

Thursday in numbers

In order of appearance...

Hours of sleep before Mommy's 6:30 wake-up call: 6.5, in three segments.

Loads of laundry put away: 4

Nerf darts found in the right leg of Gavin's footie jammies: 11

Verses of scripture read and discussed over breakfast: 22

Brownie bites mint-frosted for book club: 48

Baby piggie tailies: 2

Minutes spent on the phone with a friend: 27

Clothing articles ironed: 9

Minutes of baby screaming/nursing/cuddling before abandoning morning nap: 65

Online orders: 2

Emails exchanged with Garry regarding online orders: 9

Repeat showings of Baby Signing Time - A New Day: 8

Baby shower invitations hand-delivered: 9

Minutes spent sprucing a friend's on-the-market house: 15

Minutes late to kindergarten pick-up: 5

Children who fell asleep during kindergarten pick-up: 2

Children who woke up upon returning to the house: 2

Minutes of toddler tantrum, post-return: 25

Minutes of peace/lunch: 5

Clothing articles stained with fruit punch from a broken sippy cup: 3

Minutes of screaming before abandoning afternoon nap (toddler): 90

Voice mail messages: 1

Minutes of screaming before abandoning afternoon nap (baby): 50

Birthday thank-you cards written and mailed by Tyler: 12

Clothing articles ironed while watching The Last Lecture on YouTube: 8

Spoonfuls of ice cream eaten right out of the container while cleaning the kitchen: 8

Clean plastic cups removed from top rack of dishwasher: 31

Pieces returned to ABC tray puzzle: 22

Leaky diapers changed: 2

Small outfits changed due to leaky diapers: 2

Calls returned: 1

Minutes spent sleeping in the van while waiting for Zach after school: 4

New jobs for which Garry interviewed on the phone: 2

Children taken to Wal-mart: 4

Items purchased at Wal-mart: 9

Emails dispatched to real estate agent regarding last week's house showing: 1

Brownie bites drizzled with chocolate: 48

Decorative rocks found in Gavin's socks: 3

Nerf darts picked up from floors around the house: 27

Curses against Nerf darts uttered in hushed tones: 3

Snowflakes falling at 4:56 p.m.: 923,082,374

Minutes spent on the phone with a friend: 32

Dollar shortage for desired video game in Zachary's piggy bank : 13

Minutes spent dealing with Zachary's explosive tantrum: 7

Bowls of Froot Loops consumed by me for dinner: 1.5

Minutes spent primping for book club: 2.5

Brownie bites arranged on platter for book club guests: 35

Guests at book club: 4

Hours spent discussing "The Last Lecture" and other things: 1

Books added to my mental "to read" list: 3

Brownie bites left over: 22

Text messages sent regarding the real estate agent's "you're out of the running" email response: 16

Hours of sleep desired before Friday: 36

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