Feb 24, 2010


I washed the boys' sheets yesterday afternoon. As I loaded them into the washer, I thought, "I should set a timer for the length of the wash cycle so I don't get distracted and forget to dry this load."

Because my good intentions rarely translate into actions, I didn't set the timer. I got distracted with dinner and didn't dry the load. At bedtime, all of the sheets were still wet and in the washer. Once again, I cursed the fact that I don't have back-up sheets for the boys' beds. Bah!

Although I was frustrated, the boys were thrilled with the solution: sleeping bags on their beds.

And later, while Zachary was at his Cub Scout meeting, I ran to Target and bought three new sets of sheets. I'm glad my linen closet has room for a little peace of mind.
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