Feb 2, 2010

A little light reading

There are lots of things in life in my life that never get done, so when I actually finish I project I feel accomplished. The only finished project in recent memory arrived via FedEx this morning.

May I present my 2009 blog book? It's the red one on the right, and I am thrilled. With 440 pages and 1140 images, it is quite the historical work. Just browsing its pages brought back
tons of memories from the last year.

It makes a nice companion to my 2008 blog book (at left), which is the first of its kind. Before I started this blog two years ago, I published a family newsletter via email for six years. All of those issues are in binders in the closet. I'm glad for that record, too, but I LOVE these hardcover books with glossy pages, gorgeous pictures, and numbered pages.

Plus, the books have my name on the binding, so I feel officially published. This will likely be my only claim to literary fame.

I'm OK with that.
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