Feb 9, 2010

Our life lately

So I haven't blogged in a while. Today I'm feeling inspired, so I'll catch up with the few photos I've taken in the last 10 days.

I am really trying to enjoy Gavin more. He can be quite charming when I am in the mood to be charmed. His remarkable speaking ability blows me away on a regular basis. He loves it when people sing to him, so I have started singing familiar songs and allowing him to fill in the blanks. I'm so impressed that he can do this. Gavin knows "I Love to See the Temple," "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam," the ABC song, and many others. Gavin is still obsessed with "Yo Gabba Gabba" on TV. I freely admit to feeding this obsession because the time he spends watching that show is the ONLY time during the day that I can get anything done (and the only time he is not destroying the house like the Tasmanian Devil). Sadly, Gavin has a new ear infection that has made him miserable. We didn't catch it very early; I attributed his increased orneriness to being two. Oops.

On Saturday, Zachary constructed this birdhouse with Garry. The project fulfilled a scouting requirement for Zach's den. At his last scout meeting, Zachary apparently refused all leader assistance, which is why the entire project came home with him. It turned out to be a fun bonding project with Dad anyway. Zach plans to paint the birdhouse soon and fill it with bird seed when we get to Mesa.

The other morning Garry fixed waffles for breakfast. The boys were thrilled, since this Mama never cooks in the morning. Throughout the meal, however, we couldn't stop laughing. Gavin kept calling his food "awful" -- or so we thought. Really, he was saying "waffle" without the "w."

This girl is BUSY. She is a crawling machine, and, as you can see here, she is pulling herself up to things. She is quite delighted with her new skills, which she demonstrates at every possible opportunity. We are back to being vigilant with the stair gates and cupboard locks, but she still loves to be a little vacuum cleaner and raid the open dishwasher when no one is looking. Lexi's newfound mobility is wreaking havoc with her sleep pattern, as are the four teeth threatening to break through her top gum. There's never a dull moment with our eight-month-old!

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