Nov 6, 2008


I got a copy of this in the mail today:

It's a fun and fabulous little book about scraplifting. Scraplifting? Yeah, you know, seeing a rockin' scrapbook layout and tweaking it a little to make it your own. The book is amazing and packed with inspiration!

Why am I blogging about this, you ask?

Well, my uber-creative middle sister is one of the featured artists.

And my children are in some of the layouts.

And I can't resist an opportunity to give a shout-out to one of my incredible siblings/offspring.

And Lifted would make a terrific Christmas present (or fun gift for yourself).

And 100% of November's proceeds will be donated to a sweet young Arizona mom whose husband died of cancer last week. (Click here for her story.)

So, if I have convinced you that Lifted is necessary for your existence, or if you'd just like to help, pull out your credit card and visit

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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