Nov 2, 2008

Moments of clarity

After skipping church last week, I was glad to go today (Garry, the preferred parent, stayed home with an ailing Gavin). I needed the spiritual renewal and in spite of the rowdy boys on my row, it came. I'm so grateful for the quiet moments when my soul can commune with a higher power and get answers and guidance and comfort and peace.

Then I came home and received another lift from my sweet sister, Angie, the awesome girl who inspires me on a regular basis. She has a way of being so open and honest about her feelings. She knows herself in a way I can only dream of, and I'm so grateful she shares some of that knowledge with her vast community of blog readers. My day is always happier when I find a new post on, as I did today.

And I want to share this, her latest post, with you. May it lift you as much as it did me!

Happy Sunday.
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