Nov 7, 2008


The following conversation occurred today during lunch between Tyler and his mama:

Tyler: Will we give Gavin a new name when he gets to be four or four and a half?

Heidi: Did we give YOU a new name when you turned four?

Tyler: No! mean I was named Tyler when I was a baby?

Heidi: Yep, you've always been Tyler and you always will be.

Tyler: Will Gavin always be Gavin?

Heidi: Yep!

Tyler: But Gavin is a baby's name!

Heidi: Is Tyler a baby name?

Tyler: Yes!

Heidi: What name would you like to have?

Tyler: [After thinking for a minute] How about...Professor Frothingslosh?!


I love getting a peek into Tyler's silly mind like this. It's so fun to jot down one of our goofy conversations to preserve for posterity (and perhaps his future embarrassment).

I also love Tyler's budding artistic abilities. This spring we got Tyler a book called "How to Draw People" by Barbara Soloff Levy. He keeps it in his church bag and the book, in turn, keeps him quiet at church. This week I was rather enamored with one of his drawings, and, more particularly, the way he signed the picture. He likes having all the letters of his name touch. Will Ty grow up to be like his artistic Uncle Ryan?

This morning a little writing exercise cracked me up. Tyler has developed a bit of a potty mouth, probably just to get a rise out of his parents. Various methods of punishment have proven unsuccessful, so we have returned to the tried-and-true Writing Consequence.

I'm sticking this one in his scrapbook file.
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