Nov 21, 2008

Ta-ta for now

We're leaving for Mesa tomorrow (well, most of us), which prompted this email exchange between my mom and I:

Subject: going crazy?


I've been thinking about you. It's such a job to get out of town. Be good to yourself!


>Subject: RE: going crazy?


Yes and no. Yes because I know there is SO much to do, but no because I haven’t started doing it. I’ve been trying to square away Christmas party stuff and Gavin’s birthday stuff and cleaning up messes I don’t want to see when I get home. I made Garry a honey-do-while-I’m-gone list this morning, too. And I finally returned a pair of shoes that I bought mid-October but don’t fit. And I browsed Old Navy for maternity clothes while I was at the mall. There’s a super cute red sweater that would probably work for our Christmas ensemble, but I realized I didn’t have time to try it on. Oh, well.

I checked out Mesa weather – wahoo! I’m excited. Is there any reason to bring more than sandals and church shoes for the boys? Oh, never mind – the fun run. (The boys and I signed up; Garry is hoping to join David’s turkey bowl at the same time.) We’ll want real shoes. OK, question answered. And is it still OK for us to use your car seats? Am I supposed to bring anything out of the ordinary? I have a pile with your church clothes and the calendars and a Christmas present for Iris. I was hoping to take care of the rest of my Dixon Christmas shopping while I’m there.

I’m going to go veg out (and fold laundry) while Gavin is asleep and Tyler is at school. The babe has started napping well again, thank heaven. Four hours yesterday, baby! (In two installments.) This morning the phone woke him up and he was NOT happy. So the phone’s off the hook and I’m optimistic for a two-hour slumber.




TTFN to y'all, too. See ya on the flip side. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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