Nov 12, 2008

This week's memorable moments

Despite my constant desire to vegetate on the couch, things have been happening around here. A few of them seemed worthy of recording:
  • Enjoying Gavin's new "downward dog" pose. (See here for the yoga play-by-play.) Sometimes he does it when he's happy, but more often than not, downward dog appears when he's having a fit. Yep, our baby has tantrums. I've tried catching this on camera, but no luck so far.
  • Painting and tiling our laundry closet (we figured the time was right, what with all our laundry upheaval lately). The tan walls and brown tiles -- the super-simple stick-on variety -- look awesome! Maybe I'll take a picture one day.
  • Seeing snow flurries outside the kitchen window on Monday.
  • Hitting the 12-week mark and having everyone and their dog ask, "You should be feeling lots better now, right?" Right -- sign me up, baby!
  • Vacuuming and ironing for the first time since my Mom left (can I admit how long ago that was?).
  • Hearing Tyler ask, "What does 'consent' mean?"
  • Hearing Zachary exclaim, "I was reading my [Wii game] manual this morning and figured out all kinds of new tricks! And did you know part of the manual is in Spanish?"
  • Finding Garry's old cell phone under Gavin's car seat and converting it for my own use (Garry did that) because mine completely died. I lost tons of phone numbers and the phone battery stinks, but at least I'm connected again.
  • Realizing at 2:00 in the afternoon that I'd been wearing my shirt backwards all day. Thanks to all the people I saw who didn't tell me!! (Of course it was a RARE day when I left the house and socialized with people I knew.)
  • Receiving a surprise dinner from a new ward member who heard how sick I was and wanted to help. Isn't that amazing?
  • Preparing a fun Christmas package for my missionary brother.
  • Compiling four photo calendars using this cool service and ordering 12 of them (another order is forthcoming...).
  • Realizing that at this time last year, 100% of my Christmas shopping AND wrapping was done. Haven't started yet this year. Haven't even thought about it.
  • Playing hooky from Stake Conference (not proud of this one).
  • Loving our use of disposable plates, bowls, and cups three meals a day -- but still woefully behind on dish duty.
  • Not loving Gavin's new mealtime game: dropping everything on the floor.
  • Visiting the Air Force base to check out the planned venue for the ward Christmas party and getting completely overwhelmed with all the logistics of having it there.
  • Hiding in the office while Garry feeds the boys pancakes for dinner. (I think I need to be done.)
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