Nov 3, 2008

Eight ways I would rather spend $800

Monday started off with a bang at our house.

A guy came over at 8:00 to perform what we thought would be a simple cleaning of our dryer vent pipe. We have suspected a clog for a while (the dryer takes three hours to finish a load and the clothes come out smelling musty), and since Garry's efforts to clean it out himself were fruitless, we called in a professional. What we learned, however, is that
the piping in the ceiling is either horribly clogged or ripped, leaving us with zero air flow between the dryer and the outside. In addition, whoever finished the basement of this house installed the cheapest piping possible, put the dryer twice as far from the outside vent as he ought to have done, and installed piping behind the dryer that is not up to code. Combined, these offenses have created a huge fire hazard that needs to be fixed ASAP.

This is way beyond the scope of Garry's handyman capabilities.

And it's going to cost at least $800.

We had earmarked a wad of cash for a really exciting Christmas present for Garry (freeing up our tax return for something I really want), but apparently having "fun money" saved is just like begging for a home improvement disaster. I'm glad this ridiculous situation won't devastate us financially, but it is a huge bummer nonetheless.

Given the opportunity, here are eight ways -- most of them frivolous and in no particular order -- that I would rather spend $800:

1. A super-capacity dryer.

2. A professional painter to transform the vaulted walls upstairs.

3. Food storage.

4. A new maternity wardrobe.

5. Two round-trip tickets to Honolulu (Expedia has them for that price at the moment!).

6. A home decor fabric shopping spree at JoAnn this weekend (50% off...think of all the possibilities!).

7. Several sessions with a personal trainer.

8. This cute chair -- in purple.

Instead, you can expect online updates regarding the expensive, smelly experts making holes in our ceiling, shoving fancy, code-appropriate pipes in the right places, and, hopefully, a dryer that finishes a load in less than an hour.

I bet you can't wait.
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