Nov 15, 2008

The rest of the week

The first post of the week was very wordy. So this one will be picture-y.

The new-and-improved laundry closet. I'm glad to be rid of the circa-1986 peach-and-blue-flowered linoleum and gross paint.

Here's Tyler doing laps around the cul-de-sac on Thursday when it was 71 degrees outside. He's not very confident and much prefers the tricycle made for a child half his size. Whatever. The biggest issues in his life right now are having no play dates (we sure miss you, Alex and Isaac!!!!) and refusing to wear socks.

And Gavin on the same day. Gavin's current issue: refusing to nap. At all. 'Nuf said.

Friday brought some snow. Unlike many of my new-to-Colorado counterparts, I was grumpy about this. Tyler wanted nothing to do with playing in it. So we just froze.

With the snow came lots of wind, as seen in this video clip.
{Krista, can you hear our butterfly wind chime?}

The question of the week in my world: Will we or will we not hold our ward Christmas party in this cabin on the Air Force Base?

Gavin was being funny in the tub. Maybe no one but his mother will enjoy this little video, but it made me smile.

This is Zach watching college football this afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed watching BYU beat Air Force, and Zach got into it, too. But apparently he's an Air Force fan. His best buddy's dad is in the Air Force and definitely influenced Zach's opinion this afternoon. No offense, Grandpa!
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