Nov 5, 2008

Dryer Drama: The Deconstruction Phase

As promised, I give you the photo essay of our Tuesday adventures:

Before the demolition: The white vinyl pipe running through the shelf is meant for bathroom exhaust, not highly flammable hot lint. The silver pipe sticking out of the dryer is basically the cheapest material known to man. The motto for the day: out with the old, in with the new.

After some investigation, the guys that came out made a plan: cut an 18-inch-wide hole the entire length of the room (left to right in the picture above - about 30 feet), tear out all the old and obstructed venting pipe, and replace it with new hard pipe. Since their company would not patch/replace the drywall and Garry planned to do that work himself, Garry advocated a different plan.

Garry was convinced that the pipe could run through this wall and into the garage, then outside from there. It took some exploration and a pilot hole to check Garry's theory, but Garry ended up being right! In the end, Garry only ended up having to patch these little holes in the ceiling of the laundry closet.

See that little dot in the center of that disgustingly dirty garage step? That's the pilot hole drilled from the laundry closet in our basement. The dryer guys finally agreed with Garry that this was the best route for the venting pipe.

All along, the dryer guys kept referring to Garry as a partner in their "brain trust." It was true -- Garry seemed to provide the brains for the entire operation! Granted, he had a vested interest in the outcome, but it was pretty funny to hear the guys' comments about Garry's good ideas. Who was the expert on this job???

Since the new plan involved re-routing the venting pipe, a new hole had to be drilled through the wall of the garage.

This is where the pipe came out of the house and into the garage. Garry will have to rebuild our step, but it was so ghetto before that a new step will be a huge improvement! It's a teeny tiny project compared to patching and retexturing 30 feet of ceiling.

And here's the finished vent, running along the ceiling in the garage. From today's laundry run, it's clear that we have great air flow and the performance of the dryer has vastly improved!

Eight hundred bucks or not, I'm so glad this project is (almost) done!
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