Nov 1, 2008

Halloween Fever

Halloween has come and gone.

I was not an enthusiastic participant this year. Maybe next year I'll have a little more spark for all things festive.

We managed to carve pumpkins the night before, as seen here:

I found these Mr. Potato Head-esque facial features at Wal-Mart that I begged the boys to use, but only Gavin agreed with me. Isn't this an attractive pumpkin?

All things considered, the boys loved their costumes -- or at least the freedom to choose them. Garry took the big boys trick-or-treating around our neighborhood and they had a blast.
I stayed home with Gavin, who had a fever and was completely miserable. In the photo above he was under the influence of Motrin and pretty happy. After 48 hours of fever and various other distressing symptoms I took him to Urgent Care today. He has a virus, so I guess he and I will suffer together for a while.

Happy Halloween!
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