Oct 31, 2008


The Ninth Ward Halloween Carnival was a smashing success on Tuesday. My committee delivered on all their assignments, various ward members pitched in with supplies and man-power, we had enough food and carnival prizes (with a little to spare), and everyone appeared to have a great time! I think there were about 200 people at the party for dinner, games, and trick-or-treating. I was completely exhausted at the end of the evening, but was especially grateful to have felt reasonably well all day. That was truly a miracle!

I'm including this photo of the gym, pre-party, for my mom, who brainstormed and shopped with me the week before the carnival. (Thanks for agreeing with me on the tablecloths.)

This photo is for me, to remind me of the seemingly endless crush of people lined up for hot dogs and chili.

This one's for Elder Ryan Dixon (Croatian missionary). I thought he'd get a kick out of these missionaries' "costumes." The Elders were the judges for our chili cook-off.

Garry brought the boys in their costumed glory: a turtle, a ninja, and a transformer.

Tyler's favorite carnival game was "dangling donuts." He got smeared with chocolate but had tons of fun!

This is a completely UNflattering photo of me (I promise I'm not showing yet...or least not as much as those overalls suggest), but it's such a fun snapshot of Colleen and Kendra (just two of my buddies here) that I had to include it!

Now I need to start planning the ward Christmas party...if any of you, fair readers, have a suggestion, please let me know! I need ideas for the menu and a kid-friendly program for starters!
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