Oct 30, 2008

11 months and counting

Gavin is eleven months old today. It's amazing how the time flies!!

Here's what happened in Gavin's world during the month of October:
  • More frequent and enthusiastic waving and clapping
  • "The one-armed salute" -- an arm pointing outward, cheek on shoulder, balled fist
  • Throwing things down the stairs, in the garbage can, and in the toilet
  • Transition to 100% full-time walking
  • Arching back and screaming during dressing and diaper changing
  • Biting (playfully?)
  • Squealing in a very shrill, high-pitched way -- but always to express happiness
  • Preferring Dad to Mom almost all the time
  • Getting a foot stuck in the crib rails during nearly every overnight sleep
  • Weathering a very icky cold and cough
  • Insatiable curiosity for cupboards, drawers, tubs, shower stalls, boxes, garbage cans, etc.

These monthly photos are getting pretty tricky! Gavin sure doesn't like sitting still for very long!
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