Oct 25, 2008

Granny to the rescue

Our week was made better and brighter with the presence of my dear mother (a.k.a. Granny).

I joked with my dad that I got a taste of what it would be like to have a live-in maid/nanny. I was only kidding a little bit. Granny seriously worked like the Energizer Bunny to transform our long-neglected house (bathrooms and laundry and ironing, oh my!), entertain the kids, feed the family, tend to the yard (summer blooms out, tulip bulbs in, leaves raked, porches swept), and make sure the upcoming Ninth Ward Halloween Carnival (yes, I'm in charge) will happen according to plan next Tuesday.

While she labored diligently, I napped and read and watched TV and generally lazed about. The best part is, Granny never made me feel guilty about it. She and Gavin got to know each other and he finally considered her a friend with his one-armed salute. Zachary and Tyler got fun bedtime stories every night, had 15 library books read to them, and got fun Halloween treats from the stash in Granny's suitcase. Zach also got to take two dozen birthday cupcakes to share with his classmates because Granny stayed up late Sunday night to finish them.

In short, our barely-functioning household got a huge, giant lift this week. And now that she's gone, it has a huge, giant void. But we're so glad she came.

Thanks a million, Granny. We miss you already.
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