Oct 29, 2008

The post before the one I need to do

I have a post in the works about the great event that was the Ninth Ward Halloween Carnival.

And one about Gavin turning 11 months tomorrow.

And one about Halloween (which I know is still two days away).

But this one is for the great group of friends who showed up at playgroup today.

I haven't been to playgroup for a few weeks. Who can deal with friends and sunshine when there's puking and sleeping to be done? Anyway, I have missed it, as has the ever-socially-deprived four-year-old in my life. So today we went, even though I didn't shower and Gavin didn't get a nap and I didn't take enough snack food.

It was unbelievably refreshing to sit on a blanket in the scratchy dead grass with six of the women I'm coming to know and love. It was so fun to watch our millions of children running pell-mell about the playground, and to see our babies eat sand and pillage food from each other's diaper bags. Tyler was a stinker the whole time (watching TV and playing computer games by himself has diminished his social skills, apparently), but I still enjoyed myself.

My favorite moment was when Gavin barfed a mouthful of cheese and grass all over my arm. As my stomach rolled and I struggled not to lose my own cheese, six arms reached out with baby wipes to clean up the mess. I just closed my eyes and let them take care of it. Soon enough, the moment had passed and all was well with the world, and I couldn't help but smile.

Thanks, ladies, for making my day.

And now for a group nap.
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